Creepy Tales of RU

Since 1766 Rutgers University has been a home to those seeking the unknown. Let’s explore what mysteries remain on the banks of the Raritan River!

Scroll further, my friends, for all the oddities that Cook/Douglass, Busch, Livingston and College Avenue Campus has to offer!

Wolves? Unicorns? Rabid bats? We found ’em (or at least their dead bodies)

The Last Unicorn: A Tribute to the Late RR Friend “Al”

Well friends, as much as the RR Team has long desired pictures of our own Rutgers Rarity, Al, the famed albino deer of Piscataway – we didn’t want it like this. We finally have the proof of Al’s existence yet with this evidence came the sad news that Al has passed on to that great,…

Battack – Aggressive Attack Bats of the GSE

The first day of Rutgers Rarities investigations turned out to be one of the best so far. The team was supposed to be exploring one of the hot spots for Rutgers Rarities activity, the Graduate School of Education, which is home to the foaming bats, albino rats, the stick-throwing lunatic, and the top floor mysterious…

Animal sightings on campus!~

Featured Post Coyote Investigation I was driving home through Livingston campus late one evening when standing before me in the middle of the road was what I believed to be a wolf or a coyote. I stared the creature down before for several seconds before the headlights of another car scared it away. While many…

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