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Coyote Investigation

I was driving home through Livingston campus late one evening when standing before me in the middle of the road was what I believed to be a wolf or a coyote. I stared the creature down before for several seconds before the headlights of another car scared it away. While many doubted what I had seen when I told the story the next day, Jessica was the only one who didn’t laugh. This began an exchange of interesting stories about the stranger side of Rutgers, and thus, Rutgers Rarities was born.

While there have been many confirmed reports of coyotes from friends, Piscataway Township workers, and facility maintenance workers at Rutgers, Jessica had never seen a coyote with her own eyes until recently. Her first sighting was near the Facilities Maintenance Building, as she saw a single coyote, small enough to possibly be a pup, running its normal hunting route. Witnesses from the Visual Arts Center and the Facilites Maintenance Building confirmed reports of individual coyotes running through paths around that area.

While all of the previous reports were of single coyotes, the most exciting discovery was made several days later by Jessica, her second sighting within a week. As we drove down Avenue E on Livingston (just past the RAC) on our way to Busch Campus, Jessica yelled that she had just seen them (the coyotes). Unlike the previous reports, she had witnessed an entire pack of at least 10 or 12 that she said were of different colors and sizes. Pulling the car around, we were lucky enough to see several before they ran back into the woods. One coyote in particular stared back at us from across the street, and another, much larger one, made his presence known. It appeared to be the Alpha male, and was the last to inspect us before following the rest of the pack into the woods. Some footage was captured and the coyotes can be seen in some of the stills. A drive back to home base had actually turned out to be an important investigation, and one that will be further explored. Let’s just say there’s a better than average chance that the next investigation of this nature will involve pork chops.

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The Fosterfields Night of the Living…Farm Investigation

One half of the RR Team took a trusty accomplice and joined the Specter Seeker folks of Northern NJ to investigate an old and stately manse with a reputation for ghosts; Fosterfields Living Historical Farm in Morris County. This place was home to the descendants of Paul Revere in the 1850’s and then the Foster…

Bones on the ol’ RR (or at least on one of its tributaries)

Some days are like chicken bones to quote the immortal John Grant and then others are like…deer bones? Turkey bones? Mystery spines and rib cages arising from the mud? At Rutgers on the banks of the old Raritan, the RR Team and a few of our younger, pluckier correspondents have seen our fair share of…

In the Doghouse – Cook-ing Up Oddities

What is it about the odd animal stuff on Cook/Douglass campus? Every time the RR Team ventures behind a building on this campus there is some strange animal set-up, pens or tools of husbandry, carefully tucked into the camouflaging shrubbery. From the mammoth-sized rabbits in pens behind University Inn to the clanging, shrieking pig rats…

UFOh-No: Alien Encounter in New Brunswick

UFO’s…aliens…strange sightings in the sky….when you live in New Jersey, it’s kinda the norm. There’s been some very recent (2/24/21) news activity of late about “a long cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile type of thing moving really fast right” in New Mexico. 2019 was also a big year for New Jersey…


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