Super Bowl Secret – Loree Bowling Alley

This self-proclaimed “discovery” is something that a good number of people must already know about, but it seemed like a rarity to me. It is not so much a phenomenon as it is an interesting fact. Upon exploration of Loree Hall and Loree Gymnasium on Douglass, I found myself in the basement level. There was a door opposite the restrooms that was labeled “Bowling Lanes”, and I thought that there was no way an actual bowling alley was down there, since I knew Loree as a computer lab and classroom building where I had taken a few classes. When I entered the door and flipped the light switch on, there was, in fact, and old style six-lane bowling alley, complete with racks of bowling shoes and bowling alley seating. It appeared to be a manual pin set up in which someone would have to be standing at the back of the lane to physically set up the pins and roll the ball back. The decorations on the walls had students names with ’05 and ’06, so this must be in use by some sort of women’s bowling club or league during the school year. Either way, I thought it was still an interesting find.

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