About RR

The original RR Theme song…Jess’ fave song! Composed and performed by Investigator Ray.

More of Investigator Ray’s music can be found at the Collab-19 QuaranTunes Pandemic Music Experience

'Let’s take a trip through history
And uncover some of life’s big mysteries 
Come down to the land of Dirty Jersey
To a place called Rutgers University...

Jessica and Ray both saw some crazy stuff at Rutgers and decided to see if anyone else had any stories…

Way, way back in 2005ish, Jessica and Ray were graduate students at Rutgers and after sharing some stories about seeing a wolf/werewolf/hybrid and a possible unicorn on campus, they decided that an investigation was necessary!

Little did these two know what they getting themselves into… one year and hundreds of emails later, Ray and Jessica were getting known locally as the “Rutgers Rarities Team”; essentially, a duo that stopped at nothing in their pursuit of the supernatural and the truth!

The RR Files…how we began our quest for the TRUTH!

This past September will mark fifteen years since Ray Brennan and I put out the original Rutgers Rarities website. This website was a project that focused on researching and documenting anything we deemed odd, weird or possibly, maybe, potentially paranormal at Rutgers University. Since we started doing investigations before we even began the website, I…

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