Pure Genius and Creepy Friendship: The Edison Bulb Investigation

It goes like this: while in pursuit of the strange and unexplainable late one evening, the RR Team found themselves driving alongside the Metro Park station area in Menlo Park/Edison. It was getting late, we were feeling tired and Co-Investigator Ray was starting to look rather frozen over -he always gets this glazed look after hours of being driven in my car with cold air incessantly blowing in his face (hey, I like it cold). As we were staring at the rail line and noting that this night”s investigations were coming to a grinding halt, suddenly I saw a light bulb literally appear above Ray”s head. And no, Ray wasn’t just being brilliant. It was a bona-fide, incandescent light bulb that was glowing high in the sky and it seemed to be the sure sign of something strange that the Team was waiting for this night. We followed the beacon, puzzling over old memories of “something about Edison and light bulbs- what was that old story? Oh yeah, Edison invented the light bulb and here we are in Edison, does this mean something?”. It was during this highly intellectual exchange that the keen and swift Team literally stumbled upon the work of a fellow genius; our lightbulb was in fact a huge memorial to Thomas Alva Edison that was comprised of a 131-foot tower topped with a 13-foot incandescent light bulb. The sight was impressive and we quickly pulled over to get some shots of this rather odd memorial that we later found out was built in 1937 on the exact spot where Edison”s labs stood. We also found out that Ford was one of Edison”s greatest admirers and even tried to “capture” Edison”s last breath (seriously, it”s true) by having Edison”s son hold a test tube over Edison”s mouth when he died and “capturing” any air that might have been released. You can actually see this test-tube in the Ford Museum in Detroit, along with Ford”s replication of Edison”s Menlo Park Labs, complete with some authentic Edison Jersey soil transported by railcar to Dearborn, MI. Creepy, creepy friendship aside, please check out this tower as it”s an amazing old memorial, especially when glowing at night. It also appears to be deteriorating as it”s a little crumbly and there have been concerns noted online by several historical groups that the Memorial Tower may need some saving. The RR Team was happy to have found this nearby monument which has inspired further genius yet to our project- and has made me, for one, ponder the question of what exactly the good folk of Edison were memorializing with this very phallic-like tower that continues to flame on…

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