Castle Grayskull on the Banks

An impromptu investigation took place when the RR Team made a wrong turn while attempting to go to Duke Island Park and happened upon an odd Castle-like structure that overhangs the Raritan’s Northern bank. Some research has proven that this odd, barbed-wire encrusted affair is in fact a pumping station that belonged to the now-deceased Duke family. The “castle” dates from 1909 when James Buchanan Duke decided that his estate needed a 2 million gallon emergency water reserve, just in case, cause ya’ never know. The RR Team found the Castle, ahem, pumping station and the nearby suspension bridge to be picturesque, yet strange. Maybe it was all the rusty barbed wire, or maybe it was the random strangers walking by, stopping at the water’s edge and seemingly deciding to stick with life, that made us pause and wonder what really lies beneath all that moldering stone. If you should happen to be in a dreary, lemming-like state of mind, the RR Team doesn’t necessarily recommend this site- however if you’ve got some grappling hooks and up-to-date tetanus shots, give us a yell- we’re game, or at least completely unafraid of lock-jaw.

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