Murray Had a Little Latch – Murray Hall Roof Access

One night while conducting investigations, I noticed a bell tower on the roof of Murray Hall that I found to be rather odd. The Old Queens bell tower near by was said to be haunted by the Grey Lady of Old Queens, but we knew of no way to access the tower. As a second choice, the Rutgers Rarities team looked into the possibility of obtaining roof access in Murray to the bell tower. We walked up to the third floor and found the only room that wasn’t locked. It happened to be a classroom that Jessica recalled spending some time in during her undergrad days. Still thinking about the bell tower, we looked at the ceiling and found that there appeared to be a few panels of sheet rack that didn’t fit the normal pattern. After pushing the panels to the side to take a closer look, it appeared as though there was a latch that was a possible way to access the roof. Upon further review, there was a wire running up the side of the panel that we believed to be some sort of alarm system. We were convinced that we could enter the roof through this hatch, but that it would be too risky in case there was a silent alarm that might be activated. We decided not to pursue it further, but it was an interesting find.

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