The Stick-Wielding Lunatic in Rutgers CAC Lot # 16

By an Anonymous Secretary at the GSE Who Fears Reprisal From Him

One morning at about 8:15 AM, I pulled into parking lot 16, which is right behind the Graduate School of Education (GSE) in Seminary Place on the College Avenue Campus. It is a big, gated lot that is enclosed by other buildings including Murray Hall and Milledoler Hall. I parked my car in a spot right behind the GSE, where I work, and I got out, when I noticed this guy coming out of the GSE building. He was about 30 years old, a white guy with short, brown hair. He was wearing a white sweatshirt and white jeans. He had his head bent as he walked and he was muttering, quite loudly to himself in an angry tone. He looked up at me as he walked and he said, “What, do you think that’s funny? You think that’s funny?”, and then he ran over to the section of the parking lot where trees were overhanging. He picked up a big stick or fallen branch and started to come towards me, still asking if I thought that was funny. He then stopped about six feet away and threw the stick at me. It hit my foot and my car, and I was really scared, but after throwing the stick, he ran away towards Milledoler Hall and I ran into the GSE.

I wasn’t sure what to do and my friends at work thought it was funny, although some people said that I should call the police. Later on that day, my co-worker told me that the police were over at Milledoler Hall and that he heard that they arrested a crazy guy. At the end of my work day I noticed that the big stick was still by my car in the lot, so I showed this to my friends before I left. I think I was lucky that he didn’t do anything more violent. I’m sure there’s probably a police record of the arrest, if that was him. 

MORE GSE tales! Noisy But Empty 3rd Floor of Graduate School of Education

A lot of weird stuff seems to go on at 10 Seminary Place on the College Avenue Campus. I used to work there, so I know. One strange phenomenon that I have heard many accounts of and that I, myself, experienced first-hand is the mysterious “Herd of Elephants” and “Passel of Children” stomping around the otherwise empty third floor of the GSE late at night. Anybody who works late on the second floor of the GSE can attest to the amazing amount of noises like loud stomping, running, and children laughing and screaming coming from the third floor. Yet when you go up there to check it out – nobody’s home!!!

The floor is always, always empty after 9:00 pm, yet all of the hard-working, or stranger GSE employees who keep late hours know of this phenomenon and have pretty much just accepted it. One staff member told me that she heard these noises while working late one night and she wound up catching a faculty member who was leaving his office and asked him about it. He replied “I have been hearing those noises for years. I guess the ghosts are pretty lively, ha ha.” 

Ha-ha, indeed. Is there an illegal late-night day-care facility being run on the third floor? Are four pale, beautiful, blond children locked up there committing incestuous deeds? Are there some pretty fiesty bats duking it out with giant albino rats on the third floor? 

In the name of The Truth, I will bravely attempt to get an actual audio recording of these “noises”. 

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