Suicide on Campus – The Tillet Hanging

Tillet Hall on Livingston campus is home to a dining hall, a computer lab, classrooms, and a basement that holds a secret. An anonymous former Rutgers employee informed the RR team of a suicide that took place in a hallway on the basement level of the building. They took us back there to show us the evidence of what was left behind. The source informed Rutgers Rarities that the staff was made responsible for cleaning up the blood stains from the basement floor, and that there was a great difficulty in removing it. They were told to use stronger and stronger agents to remove the stains, but the outline of a head and body were still clearly present for many years. Revisiting the site, our source had more trouble locating the spot, as it had been many years since the last time they had seen it, stating that a strong enough cleaning agent must have been found to remove most of it. The exact spot was located, with a pattern that looked like a cross appearing where the acidic cleaning agents must have eaten away from the floor. The vague outline of a body could be projected over the area upon close visual analysis. The only details of the suicide that were relayed to the RR team were the rumor that the main cause of death was a hanging, with some sort of noose rigged to the pipes on the ceiling, and the involvement of a great deal of blood, which don’t seem to fit together. Apparently, the staff who worked at Tillet at the time, which may have been 4-8 years ago, knew all about it since they were involved with the clean-up. If anyone has additional information about the Tillet suicide, please contact Rutgers Rarities with more details.
Remaining evidence of the blood stains on the basement floor of Tillet after years of extensive cleaning.

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