Paranormal House Call Girl

Ever move into a new place to live and just feel something is not right? All new homes take some time to get accustomed to & every place has its own idiosyncratic vibe. Some places however, have a vibe that is really strange & these are commonly known as “haunted houses” and are the subject of many horror movies, books and tales. While Rutgers Rarities has investigated many former homes and supposedly haunted buildings directly on campus, this time we gathered our first account of a currently occupied home where the tenants experienced a paranormal outburst over the span of 48 hours with events taking place that defy explanation.

On Monday, November 21st, 2006, at a home located on the Bound Brook/Bridgewater border, just a mile or so from the Raritan canal, a young woman experienced a heavy antique bench flipping over by itself in her kitchen. The young lady, whom we’ll call Carrie, had moved into this home in September with her sister and together they rent the top half of a duplex on a major road in town. Carrie was home alone after work, sitting on the couch in the connecting living room when she heard a crash and saw that the five foot long antique bench she had purchased a few weeks ago was flipped over and lying on its back a few feet away from the table on the kitchen floor. This was a solid wooden bench with a very heavy base and Carrie had no idea how this could have happened. Her cat, perched on a very high cabinet in the kitchen, looked extremely jumpy and startled after the event, but Carrie does not believe it was possible for the cat, weighing maybe 5 pounds, and normally extremely docile, to have in any way been able to knock over the bench with enough force to send it sliding across the floor. Carrie then righted the bench and began to try and tell herself that there was a logical explanation for the bench’s movement. She got the cat and went into the living room where she next began to hear the tread of heavy footsteps in the adjoining empty bedroom. The cat, sitting with her, was alert and paying attention to the heavy footsteps too and his tail was “puffed so thick- it looked like a raccoon’s tail” which is a common indicator of fear in cats. At this point Carrie had enough of whatever was taking place in the apartment and she called her sister fearfully asking her to please come home and stayed outside on the porch of the house until her sister got there, as she was “not going in that house alone”. 

After Carrie’s sister got there, they both went inside together and all appeared normal. However, Carrie’s sister asked Carrie why she “didn’t answer the phone” as she had tried to call her sister on the way to the house and kept getting a busy signal on the phone. Carrie was surprised as she had the phone right next to her and as she has call waiting, a busy signal seemed unlikely. Both sisters were uneasy for most of the night but tried to sleep until around 2 AM when Carrie was awakened by a “scratching-sawing” noise in her room. Her bed was also vibrating roughly, but not quickly, from side to side. Carrie went and woke up her sister and then both girls stayed awake for the rest of the night until morning. The next day both sisters went to work and then came home according to their normal routines. They had called Rutgers Rarities and had asked some friends to come by and “check out” the place as they both were afraid of a repeat performance. All was quiet that next day excepting that Carrie’s sister’s bed also experienced a similar vibrating experience and seemed to “sway” for no reason when she laid in it. That night the good ol’ Rutgers Rarities Team came, interviewed both girls and got some pics and recordings. 

The place had a strange feel to it that we picked up upon entering. However both Co-investigator Ray & I are usually quick to dismiss “feelings” in order to try and conduct an investigation with clarity. We tried moving the bench and found it difficult to move or even tip. We tried to make “heavy footsteps” in the bedroom where they were originally heard, but due to a thick muffling carpet, we found that impossible to recreate as Carrie and the cat heard them. We examined both beds and found them heavy, solidly based (no poster legs or anything) and impossible to move easily when lying down. We also tried to mimic the scratching-sawing noises Carrie heard by moving the blinds in the neighboring bedroom and listening closely to the nearby traffic. It was only when I scratched the walls with my fingernails, making that dreaded screechy blackboard sound that everybody hates, that Carrie said that the noises were replicated. We took some notes, explored the basement and attic of the home, both of which revealed that the house is at least 80 years old as we found some “Milk of Magnesium” tablets from 1935 and the basement had an earth sub-basement which is probably where coal was stored. 

We then set up the tape recorder in the kitchen and asked some basic questions of the potential entities in the house such as “Is anyone here?”. We heard nothing with our ears in response to our questions while recording but upon review of the tape we caught one possible response that begs for further examination. Co-investigator Ray asks on tape “Is there anything you want?” and no response is detected, he then says to me, “I think it doesn’t have anything to say to me” and right after his words you hear a whisper that sounds like a feminine voice saying “come and get me”. Immediately after the voice you hear my voice asking another standard question as neither Ray or I caught the whisper when recording. We do not have any explanation for this whisper and it is the first recording of this kind we have ever gotten. 

This is a scary story to recount and we are hoping that things stay quiet for the two sisters in their new home. We still need to examine our recordings and images carefully as oftentimes it’s easy to miss the clues of supernatural entities but we will definitely follow up on this place. 

On a lighter note I must add that I find it hilarious for a female entity to be responding to Co-Investigator Ray with what I take as a sort of come hither response like “come and get me”. Maybe an overnight stakeout is the ticket to getting some communication going with this entity. Ray should probably be dressed for the occasion as he may have to take a “hit for the team” and at least flirt with this spirit. I’m not pimpin’ Ray out to the spirit world, but damn, maybe it’s a lonely ghost and needs a little lovin’ from our mop-haired friend. Just be careful it’s not a succubus-ghost, Ray! Hah! 

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